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Louis Casteilla


Louis Casteilla is full professor at animal physiology in the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Toulouse III university.  He is the co-leader of RESTORE Institute Team 4. For his PhD, his first work was on the development and plasticity of adipose tissues. He co-discovered and patented with V Planat in 2004 the great regenerative angiogenic properties of adipose derived stroma/stem cells (ASC)[1][2]. He translated this discovery to the bedside for the first clinical trial to test the effect of ASC on critical limb ischemia [3]. From this seminal work, he has been focused his interest and investigations on regeneration in adult mammals and the development of ASC based ATMP.  He set-up and co-manages with V Planat-Benard the unique quality control facility of the French infrastructure EcellFrance dedicated to the development of MSC-based ATMP. Recent work aims to decipher the decisive rules that govern the maintain and the restoration of tissue structure and function during the aging process [4] through integrated approaches and numerical model development.

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