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Louis Casteilla


Louis Casteilla is full professor in animal physiology in the Faculty of Science and Engineering in Toulouse III university.  He is the co-leader of RESTORE Institute team 4. For his PhD, his first work was on the development and plasticity of adipose tissues. He co-discovered and patented with V Planat in 2004 the great regenerative angiogenic properties of adipose derived stroma/stem cells (ASC). He translated this discovery to the bedside for the first clinical trial to test the effect of ASC on critical limb ischemia. From this seminal work, he has been focused his interest and investigations on regeneration in adult mammals and the development of ASC based ATMP.  He set-up and sco-manage with V Planat-Benard the unique quality control facility of the French infrastructure EcellFrance dedicated to the development of MSC-based ATMP.