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RESTORE Bâtiment INCERE, 4bis avenue hubert curien 31100 Toulouse Carte

PET Imaging and Theranostics in the Age of Personalized Medicine

With the emergence of theranostics and the expected impact of artificial intelligence on our work, it is an exciting time to be in the field of nuclear medicine. For about 60 years, the Division of Nuclear Medicine at the University of Michigan has been developing radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging (e.g. positron emission tomography, PET), as well as radiotherapy, and translating them for clinical care.

This presentation will give an overview of our work providing clinical care to the University Hospital, as well as both the clinical and basic research being conducted by our division today, including new methods for producing PET imaging agents, and the new radiopharmaceuticals being developed and translated at our academic medical center. The presentation will conclude imaging the future impact of Artificial Intelligence from bench-to-bedside.

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Pr. Peter J. H. Scott FRSC CChem (born 27 July 1979) is a British and American chemist and radiochemist who is an Associate Professor of Radiology and Pharmacology, as well as a Faculty Scientist in the Interdepartmental Program in Medicinal Chemistry and a Core Member of the Rogel Cancer Center at the University of Michigan in the United States