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Etiopathology of gingival inflammation: towards a new paradigm based on virus - bacteria synergy

Periodontitis is one of the most common human inflammatory condition. This disease is responsible for tooth mobility and tooth loss, and it is also a significant risk factor for dozens of seemingly unrelated systemic illnesses. A polymicrobial dysbiosis model was proposed for periodontitis with colonization of subgingival teeth sites with different Gram-negative bacteria, identified as “keystone pathogens”.

So far, most studies have focused on bacterial populations, while less attention has been paid to the viral component. We notably investigated the pathogenic role of the Epstein-Barr virus in periodontitis showing that the virus can promote breakdown of innate barriers, pro-inflammatory signaling, and immune dysregulation and thus deeply worsening severity of the disease

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Alain DOGLIO is the director of the MICORALIS laboratory (Université Côte d’Azur, Nice), a research team focused on oral microbiology, immunity and global health. He is also the head of the cell therapy facility of the CHU de Nice.