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Lessons for disease learned from cellular ageing: a 3D genome perspective

We wish to uncover the rules governing gene expression in response to developmental and extra-cellular cues. Genome architecture is thought to be a major determinant in this. What we strive to understand is how chromatin (re)folds to accommodate responses to such cues in 3D nuclear space and dynamically over time. In the end, we anticipate these rules to be general ones, which once deciphered will allow us to predict how a cell might respond upon signalling, in the context of disease, or during cellular ageing.

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Argyris Papantonis studied biology at the University of Athens, Greece, where he also obtained his PhD in gene expression regulation. He did his postdoctoral work with Peter Cook at the University of Oxford, where he also served as a Lecturer for Biochemistry. In 2013, he was appointed as a Junior Group Leader at the University of Cologne, and in 2018 he was elected Professor of Translational Epigenetics at the University of Goettingen. Currently, he is also the Speaker of the SPP2202 German Priority Program for “3D genome organization in development and disease”.