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Myeloid cell fusion in physiological and pathological context: tunneling nanotubes call the tune

Macrophages are innate immune cells that migrate and are present in all tissues to maintain the immune surveillance. They are targets for pathogens and ingest particles such as bacteria or dead cells, a process called phagocytosis. Our team focuses on the mechanisms used by macrophages to interact with their environments, in order to reveal molecules that could be usefully targeted to limit their deleterious action. (cf. team description on their website)

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Christel verollet

Dr Christel Verollet, DR Inserm, Co-directrice de l’équipe ‘Phagocyte architecture and dynamics”, avec Renaud Poincloux à l’IPBS.
Elle s’intéresse au rôle des macrophages dans la pathogenèse du HIV et la co-infection HIV-1/Mtb ainsi qu’à la biologie des ostéoclastes dans des contextes physiologiques et physiopathologiques.