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The growing ageing of the population has many deleterious consequences, both societal and economic. Our objective is to develop integrated and multi-disciplinary research to support minimally invasive and targeted preventive and predictive medicine capable of limiting age-related functional disorders.


The targeted achievement of RESTORE is to slow down the progression of the disabling cascade and thus prevent early-onset dependency by acting to maintain or restore functions in aging. Thus, the precise statement of the real “biological age” and survey of functional abilities are of crucial interest as well as the identification of the efficient ways to maintain / restore lost functions. In this context, a multimodal, and computational-integrated analysis of rejuvenation, inflammation and metabolism profile will bring new biological hypothesis, development of innovative devices, biological discoveries and innovative translational research creating a knowledge in both prediction and monitoring upstream and/or therapeutic levers to avoid frailty/dependance.

A word from the director

RESTORE’s challenge aims at bringing together research workforces in a wide variety of complementary areas ranging from mathematics, physics, chemistry to biology or bedside-medicine. Indeed, this unique cross-disciplinary research lab thus dedicated to exploring new ways into global investigation is ready to offer applications of tomorrow in the fields of Geroscience and Rejuvenation. RESTORE encompasses mainly a consortium of competitive, highly motivated investigators and assistants educated and trained in the top ranking labs, as well as an international network of outstanding scientists. RETORE’s high level and innovative technology facilities may be accessible to academic or non-academic communities. Thanks to its partnership with CARe, the attached Graduate school, RESTORE appeals to foreign Master’s or PhD prospective students with a view to educating the next generation of scholars by enhancing this pluridisciplinary research approach.   

 As every member at RESTORE is striving to make this project a successful achievement, I am fully confident in its positive outcomes

Pr Philippe Valet


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A research laboratory dedicated to research on the maintenance of biological functions.