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& Hypoxia

Within tissues, the oxygen level is much lower than that of the atmosphere in which cells are conventionally grown (21% O2). In order to study cell metabolism in conditions close to those present in tissues, it is essential to grow them in an oxygen-controlled atmosphere. Cell oxygenation, at the heart of Inserm and Restore's research, has been awarded a prize in 2019.


This incubator mimics the physiological oxygenation conditions of cells or tissues throughout their culture, without fluctuation of the atmospheric environment. It allows the study of different populations of stem cells in conditions close to those encountered in vivo and to lead to new therapeutic leads. (complete article).

The X-Vivo apparatus (Biospherix) is an enclosure with a fully controlled oxygen atmosphere. It allows, thanks to its different modules, to realize simultaneously different cultures with different levels of oxygen (1%, 2%, 5%, …) according to the experimental demands and this throughout the culture:

  • 6 independent incubators with specific oxygen control

  • 2 independent working modules with specific oxygen control

  • 2 independent transfer airlocks

  • 1 module with a microscope


Métabolisme, adipocytes, métabolomique, fluxomique, traçage isotopique in vitro/in vivo, culture cellulaire en hypoxie, activité mitochondriale

Jeanson Yannick

Yannick Jeanson

PhD- Ingénieur Inserm

Vieillissement, fragilité, cancer, métabolisme redox, hypoxie, flexibilité métabolique, lipides, fibroblastes, cellules souches mésenchymateuses

ADER Isabelle

Isabelle Ader

PhD- Chargée de recherche Inserm

A researcher and an engineer, both experts, evaluate the user's request and :

  • Authorize access to the equipment after prior training
  • Advise for the design of experiments in hypoxia
  • Realize as a service your entire hypoxia experiment