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Models of aging

The regeneration of tissues and organs represents a major cognitive and medical challenge. The objective of our institute is to understand some of the underlying mechanisms to improve/restore regenerative capacities in adults.


The institute offers expertise in several models of aging, particularly in fish such as Brachyodanio rerio and Nothobroanchius furzeri.

These species were chosen mainly for their homology with the phenomena studied in humans (physiological, clinical…), for the technical tools that can be implemented (genetic tools allowing for example access to mutated lines, physical tools such as imaging, surgical tools allowing the development of models and the use of biomaterials) as well as for the bibliographic data related to these species.



Foie, tissu adipeux, macrophages, métabolisme, inflammation, vieillissement


Jean-Philippe Pradere

L’ingénieur de la plateforme évalue la demande de l’utilisateur et propose la solution la plus adaptée à ses besoins. Il :

  • assure le conseil dans l’élaboration des manipulations,
  • forme les utilisateurs,
  • assiste les utilisateurs dans l’analyse et l’interprétation de leurs résultats,
  • accompagne les utilisateurs dans la mise en place de projet de recherche et développement, sous forme de collaboration.