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AFM BioFab

The MecanoBioFab develops original technological tools to support the institute's researchers in both the field of mechanical properties measurements on cells and tissues and in the field of manufacturing 2D and 3D supports for the elaboration of in-vitro models.

The AFM Mechanobiology platform develops new automated approaches to acquire the mechanical properties of cells, cell populations and tissues.


Previously confined to the field of physics, the AFM is gradually becoming more and more specific to biological applications. This instrument allows to measure with nanometric precision not only the topography of a living or inert surface but also their mechanical properties (rigidity, elasticity, adhesion, etc.).

NanoWizard® II from JPK (Life Science Version) coupled to a Zeiss inverted fluorescence microscope .

Bruker Catalyst Bioscope AFM coupled to a Nikon inverted fluorescence microscope

NanoWizard® II de JPK (Life Science Version) couplé à une microscope inversé à fluorescence Zeiss

With 3D manufacturing and 2D surface printing tools, the BioFab offers all the tools to integrate in-vitro cultures of organoids or artificial tissues with innovative physical supports or sensors. The proposed expertise aims to facilitate access to technological innovations from FabLab and technology centers.


Childerick Severac


The platform engineer evaluates the user's request and proposes the most suitable solution for his needs. He :

  • provides advice in the design of experiments,
  • trains the users,
  • assists users in the analysis and interpretation of their results,
  • assists users in setting up research projects through collaboration with CERT.