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Our platform is specialized in genome and transcriptome studies and offers a wide variety of services to research teams.


CERT has developed a strong expertise in DNA chips, high-throughput real-time PCR and "new generation" sequencing, including single cell sequencing. The following equipment is available to perform gene expression measurements:

Equipment for the qualification and quantification of nucleic acid samples

  • Spectrophotometry: Nanodrop 2000
  • Spectrofluorometry (QuBit 4.0 ThermoFisher Scientific) available on the CRCT platform
  • Microfluidic electrophoresis (Fragment Analyser) available on the CRCT platform

Transcriptomics equipment

  • Quantitative PCR
    • CFX96® ( 96 wells)-Biorad
    • StepOne (96 wells)-Applied
    • 2x LC480 (384 wells)-Roche
  • DNA microarrays
    • Affymetrix GeneAtlas Station
    • NanoString System
    • nCounter Analysis System. Uses molecular barcodes to detect and count hundreds of unique transcripts (without amplification).

The realization of NGS projects can be done with the CRCT platform.

The conditions of access are as follows :
Have contacted the Transcriptomics Manager Have received training on the instruments and techniques envisaged Have booked the instruments on the online booking schedule

We offer you advice and support to choose, adapt, and realize :

  • Construction of biomarkers, biosensors and fluorescent reporters,
  • genome editing to modify cell lines or small animals,
  • Validation of the constructs, using appropriate imaging, cell biology or biochemistry techniques.


emmanuelle arnaud

Emmanuelle Arnaud

Transcriptomics Engineer

Odile Mondésert

Genomics Engineer

The platform's engineers evaluate the user's request and propose the most suitable solution for his care by :

  • providing advice in the development of experiments,
  • training users,
  • assisting users in the analysis and interpretation of their results,
  • accompanying users in the implementation of research and development projects, in the form of collaboration.