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The platform allows the phenotyping of cells through the detection and identification of membrane and intracellular molecules. In order to purify a cell subpopulation, we also perform high throughput cell sorting, based on multi-parametric cell analysis. These subpopulations can then be studied for different parameters (transcriptome, proteome, in vivo transfer...).

RESTORE cytometry platform is a partner of the Toulouse Imaging Network Platform (TRI). It is certified ISO 9001 version 2015. The platform has a cell sorter, two analyzers and an image cytometer and offers a strong expertise on cells coming from solid tissues (adipose tissue, muscles, gums…). All the equipment is integrated in a L2 containment area.

The use of the equipment is open to research teams from public and private institutions, subject to acceptance of the projects by the manager.



Marie-Laure Renoud 2

Marie-Laure Renoud


The platform's engineer evaluates the user's request and proposes the most suitable solution for his needs:

  • providing advice in the development of multi-color panels,
  • providing training to users,

  • assisting users in the analysis and interpretation of their results,

  • assisting users in the implementation of research and development projects, in the form of collaboration.

Pour les utilisateurs réguliers : Réservation directe