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Jean-Christophe Pagès

UPS-UT3 Full professor, Hospital Practitioner, MD-PhD

Jean-Christophe Pagès is a full professor in Cell Biology at Toulouse 3 University, Medical Division in Purpan where he heads the Cell Biology hospital lab. He obtained his MD degree in 1994 and his PhD in 1996 at Paris VII Denis Diderot University (now University of Paris). His research work addresses genetics and gene transfer approaches, with a specific focus on retroviral biology as tools to develop gene therapies. After launching the Retrovirus Group at the Genethon in 1996-1999, he moved to Tours University as a full Pr in Biochemistry. Between 2000 and 2019 he pursued his research activities in developing new tools for RNA transfer, which led to the advent of several systems and more recently to an original new transfer-vector based on non canonical recruitment of any types of RNA thru heterotypic interactions in pseudo-particles. This tool has proven to be efficient for a wide range of application from genome editing to cell differentiation, and now vaccination (exploited independently at Flashtherapeutics). Besides research and clinical activities, he has been involved in GMO regulation heading the High Council for biotechnology (HCB).