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Jean-Charles Portais

Liver, adipose tissue, macrophages, metabolism, inflammation, ageing

My research activity is devoted to understand, at a very fundamental level, metabolism and its role in the behavior, adaptation and health of living systems. My curiosity for metabolism is scientifically structured around three major determinants:

  • A very fundamental approach towards metabolism:  My activity is more specifically based on integrative biology approaches to understand the systemic modalities of organization, functioning, regulation and adaptation of metabolic networks. This led me to explore the metabolism of various organisms, so as to extract the generic principles of the organization and functioning of metabolic systems.
  • Challenges in issues related to two fields: biotechnologies in order to orient the metabolism towards the production of molecules of interest, and human health, to characterize the role of metabolism in physiology, metabolic dysfunctions associated with pathologies or to identify and validate new therapeutic targets.
  • Tools: to develop tools (experimental and modeling) in order to understand the the metabolism at the cellular, tissue or organism level. I understood the need to have analysis tools adapted to an integrated and functional study of metabolism, starting with NMR (in vitro)