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Yannick Jeanson

Metabolism, adipocytes, metabolomic, fluxomic, isotopic tracing in vitro/in vivo, cell culture (hypoxia), mitochondrial activity

Within Restore I am responsible for the implementation and development of the experimental part of the metabolomics / fluxomics platform including an in vivo module and an in vitro module. These 2 modules are intended to carry out isotopic tracing experiments (stable isotopes: 13C, 15N, etc.) in order to study the metabolism and understand its complexity in the integrated context of the cell, tissue or organization. These in vivo and in vitro modules consist of equipment necessary for performing isotopic tracing experiments, collecting samples and extracting metabolites, from a culture chamber under controlled oxygen pressure (XVivo, Biospherix) allowing to understand the effect of variations in the partial pressure of oxygen on the metabolism and of a respirometry platform to measure the oxygen consumption flows (2 Oroboros respirometers).